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Keys to living in the Florida Keys 

I have always enjoyed living life the water; moving to an island, I have found the “KEYS” to LIFE!

Having grown up in Missouri, living life on the water was pretty much the norm. I cannot remember one weekend in my entire childhood that wasn’t spent on a lake or river. My parents were avid boaters and they taught countless relatives and friends to water ski behind their boat. My family belonged to a private lake about 20 miles outside of my hometown. It was formerly an old mining quarry and there were sand dunes abound. I fondly recall, in the days before sports and other after-school activities took precedence over my life, my parents loading kids, family, and friends into the van and driving to this small lake after work just to be on the water and take a few laps on water skis. Sometimes the kids were allowed to venture into the sand dunes where we’d make up stories that Arabian Knights were just over the next dune and we were sure to find an oasis where they were watering their camels. Of course, we had lively imaginations, but the life on the water was pure fun and those were happy, carefree days. I suppose the fond memories of those days is what I longed for as an adult, so it seemed only natural that I would find a way to live on an island with sand between my toes, salt air in my hair, and crystal-clear, azure-blue waters as my playground.

My first memories of the Florida Keys were from a vacation in the early 90’s. I fell in love with most of the island ‘bric-a-brac’ and purchased every grass skirt, coconut doll, and parrot painting I could lay my hands on. I was fascinated by the idea of living an barefoot life and getting “Keys Disease.” Once you live here though, you quickly realize that live on an island is much like living on the mainland—you must work to pay your bills, formal occasions call for appropriate attire so leave your bikini at home, and not every piece of furniture you own has to have a palm tree motif. That said, I have learned some important lessons from living on an island: Your feet will appreciate you more and carry you further if you stop wearing stilettos; whether it’s a sunrise or a sunset, there is no better canvas than the sky, no greater artist than Our Creator; and finally, no liquor is quicker than rum.

Living in the Florida Keys I have found my passion—I truly enjoy what I do for a living—inspiring people, mentoring colleagues, and selling real estate.

Through my passion for real estate, I have met some extraordinary people who live in the Keys, visit the Keys, and who aspire to live here. It’s the relationships that mean the most to me in this barefoot life of mine…I feel I’ve come full circle and have discovered, that indeed, Life Is Good!

For information on living the life of your dreams in the Florida Keys or any one of our spectacular properties here, just give me a call.

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